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Savannakhet Province Overview Places by Location

Savannakhet Province Overview

Capital: Savannakhet Total area: 21,774 km2 Population: 824,000 Savannakhet Province is located at the crossroads between the North, South, East and West of Laos and has long been a center of trade and power. The Province is well noted as the birthplace of the Honorable Kaysone Phomvihane, first Secretary of the Lao Communist Party and [...]
Khammouane Province Overview Places by Location

Khammouane Province Overview

Capita: Thakhek Total area: 16,135 km2 Population: 330,000 Khammouane, meaning “happy gold”, is believed to have been named after the gold deposits found in the area hundreds of years ago. The province’s history dates back as early as the 6th – 8th centuries when the region was part of the Sikhotabong Kingdom. Remnants of the [...]
Bolikhamxay Province Overview Places by Location

Bolikhamxay Province Overview

Capital: Pakxan Total area: 14,863 km2 Population: 190,000 Bolikhamxay Province, located just south of Vientiane in central Laos, is a center for ecotourism activities with its two national protected areas and extensive system of wetlands. The journey from Ban Khoun Kham to Lak Sao on Route 8 offers spectacular scenery of karsts mountain landscapes and [...]
Oudomxay Province Overview Places by Location

Oudomxay Province Overview

Capital: Muang Xay Total area: 15,370 km2 Population: 250,000 Tranquil, beautiful and sometimes hidden in the clouds, Oudomxay is located in the heart of northern Laos and is one of the most accessible of the far Northern provinces. The rugged mountainous landscape has peaks up to 1,850 m covered in varying forest types and swidden [...]
Luang Namtha Province Overview Places by Location

Luang Namtha Province Overview

Capital: Namtha Total area: 9,235 km2 Population: 145,000 Famous for trekking and ecotourism opportunities in the Nam Ha National Protected Area and home to over 30 distinct ethnic groups, Luang Namtha is perhaps the most diverse province in the entire country. Akha villages are located in the hills and some are easily accessible. If you [...]
Bokeo province Overview Places by Location

Bokeo province Overview

Capital: Houay Xai Total area: 6,196 km2 Population: 135,000 Bokeo, meaning ‘gem mine’ is the smallest province in Laos, but one of the most ethnically diverse with over 30 recognized ethnic groups. The Lahu, a Tibeto-Burman speaking people common in northern Myanmar and Thailand are present in Bokeo in significant proportions. The province is located [...]
Night Market in Laos Places by Location

Night Market in Laos

In Lao language, “talat” means market, “Changkun” is night, but Vietnamese in Luang Phrabang call the night market in Laos “western market”. The foreign visitors really enjoy coming to this attractive destination. The market is taken place in Si Savangvong Street in Pakam ancient town, which is like Hoi An ancient town of Vietnam. Its [...]
Anousavary Statue Places by Location

Anousavary Statue

Patuxay (means victory gate), was formerly Anousavary statue, is a statue in the centre of Vientiane Laos which was built from 1962-1968. The statue is used to honor people fighting in the French war. Due to some similar with the Triumphal arch in Paris, it contains typical marks of Laos with Kinari decoration (half woman [...]
Thailand - Laos Friendly Bridge Places by Location

Thailand – Laos Friendly Bridge

Thai – Laos’s friendly bridge (Thai Saphan Mittraphap Thai-Lao), or also called friendly bridge no one to distinguish it from the three familiar bridges later, is a bridge to cross Mekong River. It connects Nong Khai province and Nong Khai city in Thailand with Vientiane of Laos. The length of this bridge is 1170 m, [...]
Northern Mountains Overview Places by Location

Northern Mountains Overview

Provinces Bokeo, Luang Namtha, Oudomxay, Phongsaly. People & Places Lao’s upper northern region is known for its rugged mountains and diverse ethnic cultures. The region is home to more than thirty distinct groups, representing a colorful mix of Tibeto-Burman, Mon-Khmer, Yao-Mien and Tai-Lao origins. Handmade products made by ethnic minorities include mulberry bark and bamboo [...]


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